Keep Tabs On Complex Mining Operations With ERP

Mining projects are often long in duration and involve many partnerships with vendors, experts, and the support of the community.  From exploration to assessment to construction, mining operations become increasingly complex and expensive.  Close attention to financial activities, suppliers and inventory, and other critical data is necessary to control costs and maximize the probability of a successful mining project.  You can get the control and visibility that you need with a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Disparate specialty software isn’t strong enough to manage complex mining operations.  You will quickly lose track of the very information that you need to keep projects on track and moving in the right direction.  You can manage all of your operations from an integrated ERP solution that includes financial reporting, vendor management, inventory and supply chain control, equipment maintenance and employee relations.  Analytical reporting on key mining activities enables you to maintain a clear line of sight and transparency throughout your mining projects.  With all of your core mining data within easy reach, you can make sure that your progress on milestones and budgets is being tracked.  You can also watch for weaknesses and spot problems before they become troublesome, minimizing downtime or the impact they have on your mining operations.  The quicker you can get to your data, the quicker you can respond to problems, changes in scope of work, and other common project interruptions.

Many innovative ERP solutions offer business intelligence that you can use to your competitive advantage.  Your team can monitor key data from the built-in dashboards to make sure projects stay on track.  You can also identify trends that may indicate ways you can streamline operations to improve productivity or find ways to cut costs.  For example, you may buy bulk in certain inventory items that you know will get used and benefit from a per unit reduction in price.  You can then use this insight to develop more accurate forecasting scenarios or proposals on future mining projects.

There are often many people involved on a mining project.  Improve collaboration and communication amongst your team by using ERP to capture, analyze, and use the data that is generated each day.  Contact Caron Business Solutions to learn how you can keep tabs on complex mining operations with ERP.

By Caron Business Solutions, Trusted Provider of Sage ERP and CRM Solutions in British Columbia

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