Miners Don’t Let Data Get Buried In Their Business Software

Do you spend more time looking for business data than using it?  If you are using entry-level or disparate, specialty software, then you could be wasting valuable time.  Mining companies need to be able to make swift business decisions based on reliable data.  Don’t let your data get buried in your business software.  Access the data you need, when you need it, by using a more powerful business management solution.

Spreadsheets are found in nearly any office and they are valuable tools for storing small amounts of data or providing a visual depiction of your data in charts and graphs.  No matter how many spreadsheets you have or how they can be used along with specialty solutions, they cannot provide a comprehensive view of your mining business.  Disparate systems also introduce the risk for data errors as well as delays in sharing data with decision-makers.

If you need to make timely decisions based on accurate data, then replace the spreadsheets with an integrated, comprehensive business management solution.  Download this complimentary eBook “The Disciplined Approach:  How mining companies build profits through strong business processes,” and learn how you can manage finances, supply chain and inventory, operational activities, human resources,  and other core business data with greater efficiency from a single, robust solution.  Each employee, even those at remote locations, can enter data into this centralized solution which eliminates bottlenecks and improves data integrity.  In addition, you can monitor the data that is important to you from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.  You can track budgets, sales figures, invoices, and other key data in real-time and use the robust reporting features to share relevant data with other colleagues.  Keep your finger on the pulse of your financial figures to manage profit margins and respond faster to budget variances.

Finding business data buried in disparate solutions and spreadsheets is challenging.  Download the free eBook and contact Caron Business Solutions to learn more about using an integrated business management solution to get quick access to the accurate data you need to run your mining enterprise.

By Caron Business Solutions, Trusted Provider of Sage ERP and CRM Solutions in British Columbia

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