Get New Mine Projects Up & Running Efficiently With The Right Technology

A new mining project can be the start of a great relationship with mining partners or vendors, shareholders, and the community to which the project could also bring prosperity.  In order to minimize costs and control project timelines, you need to work with and communicate clearly with partners.  A contact relationship management (CRM) solution can encourage greater communication and collaboration with your team so that you can keep your focus where it belongs – on the success of the new mining project.

The project team for a mining project can include a handful of experts each tasked with different parts of the project.  Project managers, geologists, and other business representatives will meet with a variety of provincial or federal governmental agencies, partners or vendors as well as community representatives.  Maintaining communications with so many people can be challenging. Capturing important data needed for your project team is critical to the success of the mining project.  You can’t trust these important details to elaborate spreadsheets or paper forms – you need contact relationship management.

A powerful CRM solution offers an efficient way for your team to capture and organize important contact information for each of the governmental agencies, vendors, and other partners you may communicate with during the life of your mining project.  In addition to contact information, you can record notes and details about the project and partners including conversations or other interactions.  CRM can be used to maintain training or licensing data for employees or business partners as well as maintenance records for products or equipment.  You can also use CRM to manage project milestones, deadlines, and other events that may be planned during the mining project.  A robust CRM solution, such as Sage® CRM, offers mobile access to data on smartphones and tablets.  Your team can enter, access, and easily share data while in the field or meeting with partners.  You can also have access to the real-time data you need to make swift business decisions and communicate with shareholders and governmental agencies.

Strengthen relationships with your team and mining partners.  Contact Caron Business Solutions to learn how you can manage partners, communicate effectively, and get new mining projects up and running efficiently with CRM.

By Caron Business Solutions,  Sage ERP and CRM Provider for the Mining Industry

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