Control Costs And Downtime By Controlling Capital Assets

Mining enterprises rely on expensive equipment that often needs maintenance, upgrading, and eventually replacement. Capital assets can have a significant impact on cash flow and profitability, especially when breakdowns result in unexpected downtime. Gain greater control over capital assets and their expenses by using an integrated business management solution that can track maintenance, service contracts, and other equipment usage data.

When heavy machinery isn’t working, then neither are your miners. Not only are you losing time on your mining project, you may be facing unexpected costs related to fixing the equipment. Capital assets are a significant part of your mining company and can represent significant costs. Making sure that maintenance activities are performed on time and deciding when to fix or replace equipment shouldn’t be a guessing game. Control your capital assets before they control you with a robust business management solution.

Download this complimentary eBook “The Disciplined Approach: How mining companies build profits through strong business processes,” to learn how you can manage asset data with a comprehensive business management solution. Maintaining asset data within a business solution, instead of spreadsheets or other manual means, can provide the insight you need to improve equipment length of service and prevent unexpected downtime. You can enter and monitor details regarding maintenance activities, equipment usage, repair and replacement details, and condition information about each of your capital assets. You can also use notifications to alert key managers when assets are due for preventative maintenance activities or may be outside service contract parameters. Quick access to these details can provide accurate cost estimates for asset operation, put dependable equipment to work when repairs are being made to other equipment, and protect the life of your equipment as well as project profitability.

Keep your miners working and projects on schedule by monitoring the operation and maintenance of your capital assets. Download the free eBook and contact Caron Business Solutions for additional information about using a robust business management solution to control costs and downtime by controlling capital assets.

By Caron Business Solutions, Trusted Provider of Sage ERP and CRM Solutions in British Columbia

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