Big Mines Require Big Equipment That Comes With Big Costs

The large equipment that is needed in the mining industry comes with a hefty cost.  Not only is large equipment expensive to purchase, it can be expensive to maintain.  In addition, when equipment breaks, causing downtime, your business is losing both time and money.  Manage your big equipment with a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

When a mining project is halted every moment that ticks by can lead to expensive cost overruns and missed deadlines.  Don’t let downtime be your downfall.  Download “6 Brilliant Ways Mining Companies Use Technology To Control Costs,” a complimentary infographic, to learn how other mining operations are taking a proactive approach with their big equipment to reduce downtime and big losses.

Keeping tabs on the big equipment being used at each of your job sites can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you rely on inefficient spreadsheets.  On top of knowing where your most expensive assets are located, you need to know that your equipment is being maintained on a regular basis.  Instead of elaborate spreadsheets, manage important details with an integrated ERP solution.  You can maintain a detailed asset history for all of your equipment and tools.  Manage equipment agreements, warranty claims, and maintenance schedules.  You can also measure equipment usage to prepare for scheduled maintenance instead of getting surprised by unexpected repairs or parts replacements.  Monitoring depreciation of assets is also important to prudent financial management and you can customize your depreciation models with ERP.

In addition to asset management, the right ERP solution offers a 360 degree view of your business operations and financial health.  From this single, more powerful management solution, you can manage financial operations, supply chain and inventory data, assets, payroll and human resources, and maintain the data needed for regulatory compliance.  Greater insight into your operations provides greater control over productivity, profitability, and strategic plans for growth.

Gain greater control over the data and the big equipment that keeps your people working and customers satisfied.  Download “6 Brilliant Ways Mining Companies Use Technology To Control Costs” and contact Caron Business Solutions to learn more about using ERP to protect your big equipment and your bottom line.

By Caron Business Solutions,  Sage ERP and CRM Provider out of British Columbia

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